Smaller OVVO® Connector AVAILABLE NOW


In direct response to what YOU, our valued customers and followers, have told us the team at OVVO® is very excited to bring to market the new V-0930 invisible connector. 

  • NEW small profile extends range of materials in which OVVO can be used
  • NEW innovative dovetail design gives increased joint strength
  • NEW single piece housing makes automatic insertion possible
  • NEW solid central rib confers increased joint rigidity

The new connector works best in board thickness of 12mm and above, depending on substrate material used, and can also work in slightly thinner materials that are denser, such as high-pressure laminates, composite material and solid wood for certain applications. The connector can be used to deliver a variety of joint angles, is suitable for “face-on-face” applications, and retains the disruptive “Push<Click>Connect” concept that saw the original connector win numerous high-profile industry awards in the past two years.

The range of applications that our customers are finding for OVVO® continues to increase, and the benefits and efficiencies that OVVO® brings are continually being proven: our invisible, tool-free connection system not only saves time and money, driven by increased production efficiencies, reduced product assembly times and reduced shipping and transportation costs, but also provides customers with a differentiated product or service that allows you develop significant competitive advantage in your industry channels.

We have also been working with respected leading industry suppliers (CabinetVision and AlphaCam) to ensure that the new connector is fully compatible with leading CNC equipment and industry standard software, and it’s now easier than ever to integrate OVVO seamlessly into existing manufacturing processes.

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