OVVO Hand-Tool


New and improved version for 2018.

Comes with free OVVO® V-0930 or 1240 Hand-tool Cutter.

Please note this cutter is only suitable for the OVVO® Hand-Tool and not CNC.


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  • This hand-held tool is designed to mill out the profile for the OVVO Connection System.
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Easily adjusted to suit range of OVVO Connection Systems
  • Fast and accurate milling at a range of angles
  • Powerful 1000W motor with electronics for speed adjustment and to keep
    the speed constant under load.
  • Positioning of the machine by mean of retractable stoppers and visual references.
  • No need to take measures.
  • Adjustable fence for milling in a range of angles.
  • Automatic stoppers for 0°, 45° and 90°.
  • Precise adjustment of the panel thickness.
  • Precise adjustment of the trimming depth.
  • Easy travel adjustment to accommodate a range of OVVO® Connection Systems.
  • No tools or other machine adjustments needed.
  • Non-slip double base with non-scratch protection.
  • Dust extraction nozzle. For a connection to an external dust extractor.


Input power: 1000 W
No-load speed: 14,000-27,000/min
Weight: 4,7 kg, 10.35 Pounds
110v (available in 240v)

Watch the Hand-Tool in action