How do I start to use OVVO® Connection System?
It is a very simple milling process, using CNC Machinery using our specially designed OVVO® Cutter. All you need to start is our specially designed OVVO Cutter and some of our OVVO Connectors. The major CNC Manufacturers already include the OVVO® Macro in their package.


I don't have CNC capability; can I use the OVVO® connection system?
Yes, OVVO® have developed in conjunction with our equipment partners, Virutex and Vitap, we offer Hand-Held Tool and accompanying Bench Machine.


How strong is the OVVO® Connection System?
Please see Shear and Tensile recommendations HERE.


What are the main benefits of the OVVO® Connection System?

• The assembly is very simple and time efficient and it increases assembly production up to 60%.
• When using the Releasable Connection System, the product can be easily disassembled and moved location to be reassembled.
• Transportation volumes are reduced by up to 80% as product no longer needs to be pre-assembled before shipment.
• The Permanent Connection System is an effective solution for connecting materials precisely and easily together.

The action is simple:

What thickness of board does the OVVO® Connection System work best with?

The V-0930 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 12mm boards.

The 1240 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 18mm boards.


Can OVVO® Connection System be used in 45° angle?
Yes, the OVVO® Connection System can be used in various angles.


Q: How do I add the OVVO library into cabinet Vision 9 or above?

A: Follow this LINK

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