How do I start to use OVVO® Connection System?
It is a very simple milling process, using CNC Machinery using our specially designed OVVO® Cutter. All you need to start is our specially designed OVVO Cutter and some of our OVVO Connectors. The major CNC Manufacturers already include the OVVO® Macro in their package.

I don't have CNC capability; can I use the OVVO® connection system?
Yes, OVVO® have developed in conjunction with our equipment partners, Virutex and Vitap, we offer Hand-Held Tool and accompanying Bench Machine.

How strong is the OVVO® Connection System?
Please see Shear and Tensile recommendations HERE.

What are the main benefits of the OVVO® Connection System?

• The assembly is very simple and time efficient and it increases assembly production up to 60%.
• When using the Releasable Connection System, the product can be easily disassembled and moved to another location to be reassembled.
• Transportation volumes are reduced by up to 80% as product no longer needs to be pre-assembled before shipment.
• The Permanent Connection System is an effective solution for connecting materials precisely and easily together.

The action is simple:

What’s the difference between V-0930, V-1230 and 1240?

The 1240 was originally designed for 18mm applications. Through several iterations, we improved the holding strength and rigidity of the design and the V-0930 and V-1230 is the result of these developments. The V-0930 is designed to work in 12mm and above can can work in panel thicknesses 15mm, 16mm and 18mm and the V-1230 is recommended for a material thickness of 15mm, 16mm & 18mm.

How many OVVO Connectors do I use in different size panels?

Typically, we recommend the following: 45mm in from each end to the centre of the connector (with a min-max range of 30mm - 70mm centres), then either 250 or 300 centres (with a min-max range of between 200 - 400). Each specific job does differ depending on strength and stability requirements.

What thickness of board does the OVVO® Connection System work best with?

The V-0930 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 12mm boards.

The V-1230 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 15mm, 16mm and 18mm boards.

The 1240 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 20mm boards.

Can OVVO® Connection System be used in 45° angle?
Yes, the OVVO® Connection System can be used in various angles.


How do I assemble panels using the Releasable Connection Set?

In the releasable connection set, there are the following three parts; 1 x permanent housing, 1 x releasable housing (green) and 1 x releasable connector.

Typically, the releasable housing goes into the fixed or stationary panel whereby the secondary panel can be pushed on to or slid into place. The permanent housing and the releasable connector are inserted into the secondary panel. The protruding end of the releasable connector must be in alignment with the holding part of the releasable housing.

What CNC Machine Manufacturers and CAD Software does OVVO work with?

OVVO works with all of the major CNC Manufacturers and Software Providers in the furniture industry. See our all partners HERE.

Q: How do I integrate OVVO into my Machine Software?

A: Follow this link HERE

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