OVVO For Drilling

New invisible push-in connector featuring two self-locking-dowel shaped “pins” with 32mm centres that use inbuilt tolerance of the housing to deliver superior joint strength.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dowel-shaped “pins” are set 32mm apart allowing easy integration into any current drilling operations
  • Unique design of “pins” allows easy insertion by end user
  • This, in turn, allows product to be shipped without parts inserted
  • The “bridge” between the pins automatically sets a consistent depth across the joint, delivering consistent tolerance
  • Suitable for use in boards ≥15mm thickness
  • Available in Permanent and Releasable options
  • Part of the Interzum 2019 ‘High-Quality Product’ award-winning V-1230 Series

OVVO For Nesting

A new push-in connector that fits in standard 25mm drill hole.

No tools, no screws, no glues needed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pushes easily into single 25mm standard drill hole
  • The angled shoulder combines with the OVVO® housing to deliver significant intrinsic tolerance
  • Dovetail design features maximise contact surface area, giving superior strength to the joint
  • Suitable for use in boards ≥15mm thickness
  • Available in Permanent and Releasable options
  • Part of the Interzum 2019 ‘High-Quality Product’ award-winning V-1230 Series


The new V-1230 connector has a deeper profile than the award-winning V-0930 connector, and significantly increases the holding strength delivered in chipboard materials, in which OVVO® can be used to deliver an invisible connection. It works best in high-grade chipboard with thickness of 15mm, 16mm & 18mm and above, and is also compatible with leading high-end materials, such as high-pressure laminates, composite material and solid woods.    

The innovative dovetail design featured in the “Best of the Best” award-winning V-0930 connector is retained and delivers increased intrinsic tolerance, which leads to enhanced shear and tensile strength of the joint created; the new connector also features a solid central rib that confers increased joint rigidity. The single piece housing makes automatic insertion possible - a significant enhancement on the design of the original 1240 OVVO® connector.

OVVO V-0930

  • Smaller connector profiles extend the range of substrates in which OVVO® can be used
  • Innovative dovetail design delivers increased intrinsic tolerance leading to enhanced joint strength
  • Single piece housing makes automatic insertion possible
  • Solid central rib confers increased joint rigidity

The smaller connectors have been developed specifically in response to strong market demand for a connection system compatible with smaller board thicknesses. The V-0930 works best in boards ≥ 12mm depending on the specific substrate and are available in permanent and releasable versions.



Efficiencies OVVO can deliver for you:

  • The perfect invisible furniture fitting that can be used in a wide range of materials such as composite, plyboard, chipboard, high-pressure laminate and Corian Acrylic Solid Surface.
  • Transportation costs of the final product are significantly reduced because items can be shipped “flat-packed”.
  • Savings of up to 80% on-site assembly times can be achieved by using the OVVO® Connection System.
  • A simple, efficient, fast and rewarding assembly process for the end user which does not require the use of tools, glues or screws.

The action is simple: push together and listen for the ‘click’ that indicates the joint has been made.





The original OVVO® 1240 Connection System is available in both permanent and releasable versions.   The releasable set allows for efficient assembly and disassembly of products.

1240 Connection System is suitable for ≥ 20mm boards.


OVVO® V-0930 Cutter
Sizes:  12mm / 12.7mm (½”)
For use in CNC

OVVO® V-1230 Cutter
Sizes:  12mm / 12.7mm (½”)
For use in CNC

OVVO® 1240 Cutter
Sizes:  12mm / 12.7mm (½”)
For use in CNC

OVVO Hand-Tool AB181

Now taking orders for all new OVVO Hand-Tool AB181.

  • This hand-held tool is designed to mill out the profile for the OVVO Connection System.
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Easily adjusted to suit range of OVVO Connection Systems
  • Fast and accurate milling at a range of angles
  • Powerful 1000W motor with electronics for speed adjustment and to keep
    the speed constant under load.
  • Positioning of the machine by mean of retractable stoppers and visual references.
  • No need to take measures.
  • Adjustable fence for milling in a range of angles.
  • Automatic stoppers for 0°, 45° and 90°.
  • Precise adjustment of the panel thickness.
  • Precise adjustment of the trimming depth.
  • Easy travel adjustment to accommodate a range of OVVO® Connection Systems.
  • No tools or other mechanical adjustments needed.
  • Non-slip double base with non-scratch protection.
  • Dust extraction nozzle. For a connection to an external dust extractor.


Input power: 1000 W
No-load speed: 14,000-27,000/min
Weight: 4,7 kg, 10.35 Pounds

OVVO® Hand-Tool AB181.