OVVO reaches Final of Elements of Innovations award at W18

OVVO recently attended W18. The W Exhibition is the national show for the Joinery and Furniture industries, showcasing the latest products and developments.

The OVVO Drawer Slide Connection System is a unique fitting for mounting drawer slides to panels. It uses the innovative properties of the multi-award-winning OVVO connection system to allow a drawer slide to be fastened accurately and easily to a processed panel, with no requirement for the use of any measurement or alignment tools or similar installation jigs.  Perfect alignment of a drawer slide’s position can be easily achieved on opposite side panels using any nesting machine to mill the housing profile. The properties of the drawer slide connector then allow for the drawer slide to be locked in place, saving valuable time for the operator.

The range of applications that manufacturers are finding for OVVO® continues to increase, and the benefits and efficiencies that OVVO® brings to customers are continually being proven: this invisible, tool-free connection system not only saves customers time and money, driven by increased production efficiencies, reduced product assembly times and reduced shipping and transportation costs, but also provides customers with a differentiated product or service that allows them to develop significant competitive advantage in their industry channels.