OVVO launches new Connection Set at IWF, Atlanta


OVVO® are delighted to announce the launch of a complimentary new range of product to our original revolutionary connection system at IWF 2016, Atlanta.

The smaller 0825 and 1225 are now available in both releasable and permanent versions and are a natural progression to our original larger 1240 connection clips.

All four new products are a result of OVVO’s continuing commitment to R&D as an innovative, solutions driven company.

We have always been about listening to the customer and being market driven.

All four new products follow the original simple Push < Click > Connect design that has meant OVVO has already become an international multi award winning connection system.

The 0825 has been specifically developed in response to a strong market demand for a connection system that would function in a smaller board thickness.

Likewise, the 1225 was developed, among other things, as a better option for certain board types e.g. lower quality grade particle or chipboard.

We are really excited at these developments and see it as a major landmark in our company story.

Although the 0825 works best in 12 mm and above depending on substrate material used, the 0825 can also work in thinner materials, down to 10 mm in High pressure laminates, Composite material and solid wood for certain applications.

These new connections greatly extend the range of materials, industries and applications in which OVVO can now be used.

All six of our connection sets can be used in conjunction with the all new OVVO hand tool (AB181), the New OVVO Bench Machine and also using our specially developed OVVO cutters (0825 x 12mm, 1225x12mm) on any existing CNC machine.

So now OVVO is fully accessible to every level of the industry from DIY to large scale producer. as a ground-breaking invisible, tool-less, releasable or permanent connection system.

OVVO will also be on display at The New Product Showcase at IWF, Atlanta. Come and see us in Building A, booth 2700.

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