OVVO for kitchen and bedroom furniture

An invisible connector system for fitted furniture woodworking joints, without the use of tools, screws or glue.


As construction companies search for an alternative to specialist and expensive furniture fitouts, OVVO supports the contract furniture market with panel connectors that are simple enough for anyone to assemble. Because no tools, screws or specialist skills are required, OVVO makes assembly instructions 86% easier to follow, 78% quicker to complete and radically elevates the entire fitout experience – less risk of damage too.

Compatible With
Your Existing Machines

Because our connectors are compatible with existing panel manufacturing machines, there’s no need to radically change or replace existing production equipment. The only requirement is to make minor process amendments.

It really is that easy. Our techincial team are always ready and available to answer any questions.

Circular Economy –
Reduce Reuse Replace

OVVO releasable connectors enable further benefits within the circular economy, where individual panels can be replaced, as opposed to complete units if damaged and items of furniture can be refreshed with new external panels, adding additional life to items that would otherwise go into landfill.

Ask Your Furniture Supplier About OVVO Today

There many benefits to having OVVO integrated into kitchen and bedroom contracts. The tool-free connection system reduces assembly time, transport costs and wastage. And since we’ve designed our fixings to be invisible, OVVO ensures no project will compromise on quality or aesthetic.

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