OVVO for furniture designers

Our tool free connectors enables you to design smarter flat pack furniture that is quick and easy to assemble.


At OVVO, we believe there is a better way to create furniture that looks exactly how the designer intended – furniture that fits, looks beautiful and is as easily disassembled as it is assembled for the next generation. OVVO makes assembly instructions 86% easier to follow, 78% quicker to complete and radically elevates the entire customer experience.

Design Smarter Furniture

OVVO offers designers more freedom to innovate — both practically and visually. Our click-together products can connect a wide range of wooden joints. With invisible fixings and optimal panel fit, the overall finish is consistently superior.

Our team of experts are on-hand to engineer unique solutions to connect your vision with reality.

Circular Economy –
Reduce Reuse Replace

OVVO releasable connectors enable further benefits within the circular economy, where individual panels can be replaced, as opposed to complete units if damaged and items of furniture can be refreshed with new external panels, adding additional life to items that would otherwise go into landfill.

Your Customers Will Thank You With Their Loyalty

OVVO not only elimates the need for visible fixings, it actually improves the overall panel fit since all joints are precision machined to hold true. The finished unit has the appearance of a pre-assembled furniture piece, tools free, without the need for specialist skills, greatly enhancing the end user experience.

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