It is a very simple milling process, using CNC Machinery and our specially designed OVVO® Cutter. All you need to start is our specially designed OVVO Cutter and some of our OVVO Connectors. The major CNC Manufacturers already include the OVVO® Macro in their package.

Yes, there is a specific hand-tool available manufactured by a Spanish company called Virutex. It is called the AB181-VD. www.virutex.com

There is also the option of using a Panto-router – link here. www.pantorouter.com

Please see Shear and Tensile recommendations HERE.

  • OVVO® delivers perfectly aligned wood joints with a simple assembly process that saves users/customers significant time and delivers production efficiencies
  • Transportation volumes are reduced by up to 80% as product no longer needs to be pre-assembled before shipment When using the Releasable Connection System, the product can be easily disassembled and moved to another location to be reassembled.


Each size uses the patented OVVO® Connector design and is specifically designed to suit different board thicknesses while delivering optimum wood joint strength and rigidity. Please don’t hesitate to contact sales@ovvotech.com for specific guidance if you’re in any doubt as to the correct option for your application.

Please see Specifications & Fitting Instructions HERE.

Typically, we recommend the following: 45mm in from each end to the centre of the connector (with a min-max range of 30mm - 70mm centres), then either 250 or 300 centres (with a min-max range of between 200 - 400). Each specific job does differ depending on strength and stability requirements.

The V-0930 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 12mm boards.

The V-1230 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 15mm, 16mm and 18mm boards.

The 1240 Connection Set is suitable for ≥ 20mm boards.

Yes, the OVVO® Connection System can be used in various angles.


In the releasable connection set, there are the following three parts; 1 x permanent housing, 1 x releasable housing (green) and 1 x releasable connector.

Typically, the releasable housing goes into the fixed or stationary panel whereby the secondary panel can be pushed on to or slid into place. The permanent housing and the releasable connector are inserted into the secondary panel. The protruding end of the releasable connector must be in alignment with the holding part of the releasable housing.

OVVO works with all of the major CNC Manufacturers and Software Providers in the furniture industry. See our all partners HERE.

Follow this link HERE to our software download page.

We manufacture all OVVO product in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland. We ship worldwide.

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