The most common questions about OVVO answered.

What fitting should I use for a specific joint?

As always it depends, for standard 90° joints, the V-1230 range works in all panel sizes of 15,16 & 18mm. Depending on the processing capabilities depends on whether or not you would choose MILLING (3-piece sets), DRILLING (2 piece sets) or NESTING (2 piece sets).

What materials does OVVO work in?

OVVO works in all types of material. Materials that can be routed and drilled will accept OVVO fittings.

Do I need any special tooling to use OVVO?

In order to hold the housing in place without any glue required, each OVVO system has its own special router cutter, which makes the required profile in the material to firmly hold the housing in place. Tool information can be found on each connector page.

Where can I find specifications and fitting instructions?

The depth control of the housing into the panel is the key to successfully using OVVO. The depth control only needs to be successfully set up once to your specific processing environment then everything will be good to go. For an even stronger joint using the DRILLING parts in the end of particle board we recommend using a 7.8mm drill bit for PD20 & RD25.

For more information visit https://ovvotech.com/technical-downloads

I don’t have CNC capability; can I use the OVVO® connection system?

Any standard router can be set up with some templates and jigs to produce the housing profile alternatively we have collaborated with Virutex, a specialist hand held tool maker, who have developed the Virutex AB181-VD especially for use with OVVO connectors. We also sell this hand tool directly, please contact us for more information.

Another useful bench top machine, which can easily be set up to create the OVVO profiles is the pantorouter – link here www.pantorouter.com

How strong is the OVVO® Connection System?

For Shear and Tensile forces click on the product range:-

Drilling & Dowel Connectors

End Drilling Connectors

Face Boring Connectors

Milling Connectors

Do I need to use dowels with OVVO?

Dowels can be used as locators when using permanent fittings for alignment and they add additional stability. Also when using dowels they can be offset in different panels so that the end user cannot join panels incorrectly.

What are the main benefits of the OVVO® Connection System?

The main advantages of using OVVO is the ease of assembly for the end use. Our customers love how easy it is to assemble articles of furniture, without the need for ‘Tools, screws or glue’.

There are huge savings to be made on shipping costs as products that otherwise have been pre-assembled can now be delivered more efficiently, ready to assemble easily, in minutes.
Up to 80% saving can be made on logistics costs alone by using OVVO.

Using OVVO reduces the additional hardware needed to assemble traditional flat pack products. With OVVO there are no additional accessories as all of the OVVO parts are pre-installed in the factory and the end user simply has to ‘snap’ the assembly together.

What thickness of board does the OVVO® Connection System work best with?

The V-0930 Connectors are suitable for ≥ 12mm boards.
The V-1230 Connector are suitable for ≥ 15mm boards.
The 1240 Connector are suitable for ≥ 20mm boards.

How many OVVO Connectors do I use in different size panels?

Each specific job differs depending on strength and stability requirements.

Typically, we recommend the following: 45mm in from each end to the centre of the connector (with a min-max range of 30mm – 70mm centres), then either 250 or 300 centres (with a min-max range of between 200 – 400).

Do I need to use glue with OVVO connectors?

When using OVVO releasable connectors do not use glue.
When using OVVO permanent connectors you can add glue if you wish.

What CNC Machine Manufacturers and CAD Software does OVVO work with?

OVVO works with all major CNC Manufacturers and Software Providers in the furniture industry.
To view our partners visit https://ovvotech.com/manufacturing-partners

Can I resharpen the cutters?

No, solid carbide cutters cannot be resharpened but our PCD cutters can be re-tipped.

How do I purchase OVVO product?

Send us an email to sales@ovvotech.com and we will happily look after all your requirements.
We send products globally with DHL express.