Drilling & Dowel Connectors

OVVO Drilling & Dowel Connectors can be used in various substrates requiring standard drilling techniques


The Dowel Connector and Drilling Housings are the next innovation in our range of cleverly patented products, only requiring standard drilling techniques on both sides of the connector. Ideally suited for high speed industrial manufacturers, while providing all the benefits of ‘easy to assemble’ applications.

Joints & Angles

The OVVO Drilling Connectors can be used to deliver a variety of wood joints and angles.

Dilling Connectors Sizes & Types


For 12+mm Board Thickness

DH1 with RD12

Drilling Housings
For 15+mm Board Thickness

DH1 + RD12

& Dowel Connector
For 15+mm Board Thickness


For 10mm Board Thickness