Connector Types

The ever expanding, award winning range of OVVO connectors are designed to suit all applications and wood joints.

OVVO products are a range of cleverly engineered, award-winning, invisible connectors that make joining wood simple. The connectors and dowels are installed during the manufacturing process so the end-user can simply click together cabinets, shop fit-out components, door frame assemblies or furniture without the need for tools, screws, or glue.

  • There are a range of sizes of connectors available to suit from 12mm, 15/16mm to 18/19mm panels and above.
  • OVVO products are utilised in many different production environments.
  • The original 3 piece Milling systems use routing on both the face and the end of the panel.
  • The End Drilling range only requires boring on the end of the panel using a standard drill hole and the Face Boring product range requires only processing on the face of the panel, whereby the drilling and routing can all be done on the same surface, using any type of flatbed CNC equipment.

Permanent & Releasable Connectors

Each product type comes in permanent or releasable models. The permanent connector is used for easy assembly when the joint does not need to be opened. The releasable connectors allow for disassembly and removal of individual components. A clear advantage when moving furniture around, or for replacing specific panels.