Furniture assembly made simple

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No need for tools, glue or screws
Simply push, click & connect

OVVO is a range of award-winning connectors that make flat pack furniture and fitted future assembly easy. Cleverly engineered and suitable for a range of woodworking joints, our connectors are installed during the manufacturing process so the end-user can click-together furniture without tools, glue or screws. The result is a more accessible, sustainable product that saves on effort, time, money and wastage for both consumers and manufacturers.

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Furniture Assembly Made Easy

Our tool-free solution takes human-error out of the assembly equation. No more flatpack frustration, no complicated instructions, eliminating numerous fittings, just leaving a positive fulfilling experience. In both commercial and domestic settings, OVVO eliminates time-consuming and messy processes, makes assembly simple and reduces waste.

Forward Thinking Manufacturing

With a growing shift towards online business models, the future of furniture assembly lies in streamlining workflow and accelerating time to market. For manufacturers in search of a tool-free connection system that reduces assembly time, transport costs and wastage, OVVO delivers. And since we’ve designed our fixings to be invisible, OVVO ensures no one needs to compromise on quality or aesthetic.

Design Smarter Furniture

OVVO offers designers more freedom to innovate — both practically and visually. Our click-together products can connect a wide range of wooden joints. With invisible fixings and optimal panel fit, the overall finish is consistently superior.

Our team of experts are on-hand to engineer unique solutions to connect your vision with reality.

Trusted By Top Brands

The efficiencies made in the factory are enormous, OVVO is easy to use and insert in production and our ability to transport complete projects in a flatpack and then assemble on site in seconds has enabled further savings in transportation costs. OVVO has enabled us to become a greener company. DIRTT

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Award Winning Innovation

Our products have received recognition from some of the most influential institutions on the planet including numerous Interzum awards, most notably the ‘Best of the Best’ (ran in collaboration with Red Dot), a global endorsement of belonging to the “best in business for design.